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Spy Shots: Changan CX70 SUV is Naked from all Sides in China

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The best Spy Shots so far of the Changan CX70 SUV for China, showing the new SUV naked from all sides. The Changan CX70 will be launched on the Chinese car market in late Q4, price will start around 85.000 yuan and end around 115.000 yuan. The Changan CX70 will be positioned between the smaller Changan CS35 and the larger Changan CS75.


That is CS35 and CS75 but the new one is called CX7o. Logo on the grille indicates the CX70 is manufactured by Changan’s commercial division that mostly makes minivans and mini MPV’s.

The CX70 will be powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a mere 117 horsepower, which won’t make it very fast, especially since the CX70 is not very small. Size: 4680/1800/1750, and wheelbase is 2780.


Giant touch screen for the infotainment. Very few buttons on the console and tunnel, indicating the systems sitting in said screen will do most of the work. Orange seats and doors combine nicely with plastic alu bits. Manual gearbox and manual parking brake.


The CX70 is a seven-seater with a 2+3+2 configuration. This is the second row, there seems to be enough space for the legs and the head.


Third row with two fold-up seats. Not much space left for the bags.


Design of the rear end was inspired by the Ford Explorer, which makes for a classic case of screwing-your-partner, because Changan Automobile has the Changan-Ford joint venture with Ford.


Flashy grille with chrome squares.


The much-discussed logo does not depict a missile or a penis, but, according to the automaker itself:

“The logo’s image is based on the running track of celestial bodies – oval, capturing C and A, two key pronunciation letters of CHANGAN”, and in the same paragraph they also say: “The logo contains an abstract combination of mini-van with modern overpasses.” That is, a lot of meaning.


Fashionably small taillights connected by fashionable chrome strip. Changan name in huge CAPITALS.


The new Changan CX70 SUV from China.

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