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This is the Beijing Auto Senova EX200 EV for China

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This is the new new Beijing Auto Senova X200, an electric car for China based on the Senova X25 crossover. The X200 will be launched on the Chinese car market within this quarter. It looks very similar to the X25 bar for the blue circle around the badge (blue = green).


The interior is dressed up with a new instrument binnacle with a large screen in between, and with a trendy drive selector instead of a gear lever.


The new screen in action.

The X200 EV is powered by an electric motor with 70hp and 180nm, mated to a 30.4 kWh battery. Top speed is 135km/h, 0-50 takes 6.5 seconds and 0-100 takes an endless 18 seconds. Range is claimed to be 200 kilometer and 240 kilometer when average speed does not top 60 kilometer per hour. This odd metric is used a lot in China as an indication for city-use-only.

There will also be variants with a range of 260 kilometer (X260) and 300 kilometer (X300), but when these will hit the market is yet unknown.


Rear end is unchanged…


… bar for the badges. Clearly a new car, the EX200 badge isn’t properly lined out.

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