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A Flock of Volkswagens at the Tuning Show in China

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A beautiful black Volkswagen Golf seen on the Car Meeting of Beijing tuning show on the Golden Port race track. The good Golf was lowered to the max and dressed up with a asphalt kissing front spoiler, a black grille, a black VW logo, darkened windows, and slick-like tires with shiny five-spoke alloys.

There was much more Volkswagen. Here we have a lowered CC with a shiny grille, a body kit, a roof rack, and extra shiny six-spoke alloys.


A very sweet and very red Volkswagen Golf Mk4, lowered too and fitted with a body kit, seven-spoke shinies, darkened windows, and a sky box on the roof rack.


A China-only Volkswagen Sagitar. This is the already-sporty GLI model, tuned up with an extra low body kit, darkened windows, black mirrors, black door handles, a black roof, and ‘Chinese BBS’ alloys.


I also had Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty!


A previous-generation Volkswagen Bora, looking completely bananas. Lowered with a low body kit, with a dark black grille, an even lower front lip, darkened headlights, darkened windows, black mirrors, a black roof, and ultra wide tires with shiny-white five spoke alloys.


An extremely low CC with a body kit, an extra shiny grille, matte metal mirrors, a German license plate behind the windshield, darkened windows, and the craziest alloys of the show.


A very subtle Golf, painted in bright orange with very dark windows, orange mirrors and door handles, a black grille and part-bumper, and wide tires with ultra racy white-shiny five-spokes.


A blue R36, likely the best looking wagon in the world, with a black low front lip, a dark gray grille, darkened windows, black mirrors, and black five-twin spoke alloys.


Ending this post with a white R36, with a shiny grille and darkened windows, black mirrors and black eight-spokes, with white door handles, and… white roof rails!

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