From All Sides: The Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GS8 SUV For China

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The brand new e Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GS8 will be launched on the Chinese car market in October, one month later than previously announced. The GS8 is the new flagship of the Trumpchi range and the largest car Guangzhou Auto has ever built. It is also the best looking SUVs from a Chinese car maker so far. Price will start around 150.000 and end around 200.000 yuan.

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There is a knick above the third-side window and a knack below it. B and D pillars are rather wide, making for a ‘safe’ looking body. Wheels could be a little bit bigger but shiny alloys are great.

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The Trumpchi GS8 is powered by a 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 188hp 201hp and 300nm, mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox, sending horses to all four wheels via the i-4WD four-wheel drive system. The full designation of the vehicle is Trumpchi GS8 320T.

The engine has become more powerful. All official information until today said it had 188hp. Now Guangzhou Auto claims it has 201. Where did they find those 13 extra horses..? Torque number didn’t change. Size: 4810/1910/1770, and wheelbase is 2800.


The interior is really good looking too. White leather, light wood, and piano black panels. The only dissonant is the steering wheel which looks strangely old fashioned.


Two analogue dials with a LCD in between. The operating system is in English here and that is not insignificant; Guangzhou Auto has serious plans to export the GS8, beginning with the United States.


Main screen measures 10.1 inch.


Electronic handbrake.


The GS8 seats seven. This is the second row with three seats.Wood looks good. Large sunroof.


The third row with two seats.


And even with those seats up there is still an acceptable space for the bags.


Very good looking from behind. Roof rails are large and very usable. Get the canoe out now! Wheels are, as usually, a bit too small. Especially too narrow really, look at the rear wheel, a wider tire would fill the arch much more nicely.


Front is the best part. Very square and very strong. Shiny grille is great. But the lights…


… are brilliant.


They could have cleaned it up. Engine bay cover not perfect. Here is how to do it.


The new Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GS8 SUV for China.

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  1. With good build quality, this could sell in the US. Maybe move in with Fiat dealers that are looking for more product to sell. Easier than starting a new dealer network. Very nice looking.

  2. I am sure the quality is bad, but how can they even build this for $20000 USD.
    If I had the money I would import thm and sell in the US. Just make sure there were a lot of replacement parts to fix them.


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