Acura NSX Launched On The Chinese Car Market

Acura NSX Launched On The Chinese Car Market

The Acura NSX has been launched on the Chinese car market. As usual there was a launch ceremony with bigwigs and speeches, and a shameless exploitation of Ayrton Senna, who was somewhat involved in the development of the old NSX.

There is only one version available and it costs 2.89 million yuan or $420.000.


In the United States the NSX costs $156.000. The huge difference can be explained by taxes and by greed. There is a lot of hype in China about the NSX and Acura wants to cash in.

The NSX is made in the United States and powered by a 3.5 liter petrol engine. That makes for a 25% import tax and for a 25% consumption tax. Nothing too complicated! The hybrid system doesn’t matter for taxes on imported cars. 156.000 + 25% = 195.000 + 25% = 243.000. That leaves $177.000 free to spend for Honda. Good money but the NSX has good power. Total output is 573hp and 645nm, and the ‘box is a nine-speed DCT.

Well, let’s hope they spend all the Chinese money of their Formula 1 engine program; Senna would have been ashamed of the current one.

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