This Is The New Changan CS55 SUV For China

This Is The New Changan CS55 SUV For China

This is the new Changan CS55 SUV for China, it will debut in April on the Shanghai Auto Show and launch on the Chinese auto market in the second half of the year. It looks nice with some Range Rover influences. Wheel arches are black but the wheels seem small and especially narrow.


Pipe tips look oddly angled.

Size: 4500/1855/1690, and wheelbase is 2650.

And that indeed is very close to the size of the Bisu T3:

Size: 4350/1825/1685, and wheelbase is 2565.

The story goes that Bisu poached designers from Changan while the CS55 was under development. Once at Bisu these designers used their “memory” and came up with the T3, which has already been launched on the market. Whether all that is true or not I cannot confirm, but both cars certainly look very much alike, and as seen above they are also very similar in size.

The CS55 will be powered by a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine with 156hp and 215nm.


Various details and colors; blue seems nice, brown less so.

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  1. Changan hit the mark a few years ago with the CS75 and Eado, but what happened since then? Now all they’re doing are making Land Rover knockoffs.

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