Facelift For The Hyundai Mistra In China

Facelift For The Hyundai Mistra In China

The first photos of the facelifted Hyundai Mistra sedan for China. It will debut in April on the Shanghai Auto Show and hit the Chinese car market soon thereafter. The facelift includes a new and very shiny grille, new lights, and new bumpers.


The current Mistra debuted in 2013. It is a China-only ‘compact-premium’ sedan, positioned between the Elantra and the Sonata. It is manufactured at the Beijing-Hyundai joint venture. Price starts at 129.800 yuan and ends at 176.800 yuan. Engines: 143hp 1.8, 155hp 2.0, and a 175hp 1.8 turbo. All engines will continue in the facelifted model and price will be about the same.


The new ass is a vast improvement over the old one, especially the bumper section. The exhaust pipes are now hidden.


Current car with a messy lower bumper and two very visible exhaust pipes.

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