Telephone Pole Hits On Pink Maserati GT In China

Telephone Pole Hits On Pink Maserati GT In China

This pink Maserati GT looks a bit more aerodynamic than it should because it was hit by a heavy telephone pole that fell over in a storm in the great city of Fujian in Fuzhou Province. The pole hit the Maser’ bang on the right A-pillar. Miraculously the driver escaped without major injuries, and happily there was no passenger in the car.

The pole.

After the pole hit the car continued to ride for about five meters before coming to a halt. And still the rain kept falling!

Pink wrap looks great, it also has pink brake pads. The mirror didn’t not survive the impact, but the infotainment system did.

There is no way this car can be repaired, the owners needs to buy a new one. And that will cost him a lot because the GT is very expensive in China. Price of the current model starts at a massive 2.19 million yuan or $318.000.

Now, let me tell you a secret. The GT, even the current one, is still equipped with a CD player and… a telephone pad! That must be why the pole wanted to mate.

Somebody got to call somebody.

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