The Sinogold G60 Is The Chinese Interpretation Of The Citroen C4 Picasso

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This is the new Sinogold G60, an electric MPV from China, looking far too much like a Citroen C4 Picasso, albeit with a different front. Sinogold is a new electric car maker based in Shandong Province, in possession of the coveted government-issued car making license

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The company is owned by Kissun Auto, a minivan maker which in turn is owned by Shanxi Tongjia Auto, which makes one electric minivan under the Shanxi Tongjia brand.

Shanxi Tongjia in turn  is a subsidiary of the giant state owned conglomerate Shanxi Auto, which makes everything from heavy trucks to mini pickup trucks, and makes a lot of sweet stuff for the Chinese army.

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The G60 will be sold under the Sinogold brand, top pic, and under the Kissun brand.

The Kissun branded cars get a big red badge on the grille, looking less high tech than the Sinogold variant.

Official image from the Sinogold website, where it is called the K01. They are also working on a SUV (K03) and a small sedan (G01). Now, have a good look at the pic, check, and then at the…

… Citroen C4 Picasso. Overall design, belt line, roof line, bonnet, doors, and wheel arches. I bet the image is actually photoshopped, using an image of the C4 Picasso as the base. Just look at the mirrors and wheels, they are the same. not similar, but exactly the same.


Sinogold G60: 4615/1845/1655, and wheelbase is 2840.
C4 Picasso: 4428/1826/1629, and wheelbase is 2785.

Biggest difference is the power train. The C4 Picasso comes with 165hp 1.6 turbo whereas the G60 has to do with a 160hp electric motor. Top speed is 150 kilometers per hour. Range is yet unknown.

The rear comes in two variants too, but here it is just the badges that differ. This is the Sinogold, with a G60 badge on the left.

The Kissun variant with a GIANT G60 badge.

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  1. It’s even closer than you say: the picture you show is of the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, which is 4600 long with an identical wheelbase of 2840mm.

  2. Sinogold’s parent, Tongjia, is located in Baoji of Shaanxi province 陕西 not to be confused with Shanxi province 山西. And, it looks like the same “S” logo is used for Shaanxi Tongjia as for Shandong’s Sinogold.

    So now we must add both Sinogold and NEVS to the list of EV makers licensed by the National Development and Reform Commission.

    Last November reported:
    “State support has been tightened and there are new rules for companies applying for a license to make all-electric cars. These include intellectual property rights; research and development; sales and after-sales support plans; trial production of at least 15 cars; and more. Separately, new safety rules for NEVs, such as battery testing,…”
    It appears the strict criteria for licensing may have been loosened up.


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