The Various Zhanqi Variants At The BAW Dealer In Beijing

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Back now to the BAW dealer in Beijing for a healthy shot of Zhanqi variants. We kick off with the BJ2032HKD34, yes they all have these beautiful names, a four-door short-bed pickup truck. Sporty alloys, bull bar, and rack are factory standard.

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The cabin is lengthened, creating an extra space behind the rear seats. It is just over 4.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. The bed: 1250/1560/480.

The BJ2032HKD34, and all the other variants in this article unless otherwise described, are available with two engines: a 2.2 liter petrol with 110hp and 200nm (4G22C), and a 2.7 liter turbo diesel with 100hp and 220nm (JE493ZLQ4CB). Both engines are mated to a five-speed manual, sending power to all four wheels.

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Sadly, these engines are too dirty so the various variants are not allowed inside the Fifth Ring Road, so the cannot enter the city proper.

Price for the BJ2032HKD34 ranges from 64.000 to 73.000 yuan.

Most of these cars are sold to the government and government agencies, and some end up in the tourism industry.

The interior is very basic and very off road, but there is a lot of space and a lot of light thanks to the large windows.

That’s a proper tow hook!

They really print those pretty names on the cars. Every character is individual, must be a bitch to get it properly aligned and spaced each time.

A very tasty 2-door pickup truck in light gold. She is called the BJ2032HFD34. Same engines and interior, but the bed is a full meter larger: 2270/1560/480.

Another BJ2032HFD34, with a tailgate step. Hooks on the side of the bed are for attaching a cover.

This is probably the coolest variant of ‘m all, a 3-door six-seat wagon with a raised roof. It too has a great name: BJ2030CEB2. The name is one character shorter than the others.

Power comes from the upgraded 4G20C 2.0 liter four-cylinder with 102 horses and 178nm. This is the new clean engine and therefore the BJ2030CEB2 can theoretically enter the city. Sadly however it is designated as a commercial vehicle, which means access is heavily restricted.

Passengers access the BJ2030CEB2 via the rear door which opens to the right. There is a small window on each side of the door. It too has a tow hook and a tailgate step. It is just under 4.7 meters long and an impressive 2.1 meters high.

Seats out – bed in and you got a perfect RV on a budget; the BJ2030CEB2 goes for 73.000 yuan. The simple elegant seats go out easy; just unscrew a few bolts and off they are.

The wagon in army green.

This is the standard five-seat passenger hardtop variant, with the clean engine, and this one can go inside the Fifth Ring Road and all the way to Tiananmen. The shiny alloys with a red center, the bull bar with fog lights, and the search lights on the roof are all standard. They were selling this one for 70.000.

Five-seat passenger soft-top. Sold for 70.000 as well. No price difference between the tops!

They also had a single BJ2023CHB3 inside the shop; a 2-door 4-seat soft-top, aimed at young outdoor folk. Problem is that those adventurers will rather go for the BJ212, which is a far cooler vehicle. This BJ2023CHB3 however is certainly not a bore, complete with side bars and those search lights.

Seats in a hip red over black color scheme. Power comes from the 4G20C so it can go everywhere in town. It goes for a steep 76.000 yuan, a typical case of pay more for less, because the four-door costs 70.000 and the BJ212 just 60.000. Not an easy sell this car.

Same dash as all the others with the BAW logo on the wheel.

Spare wheel on the back = yeah the off-road life.

A brand new customer car in red-orange with a black top and black windows, and a yellow star on the front doors. Very good looking. Army-green BJ2032HKD34 on the right.

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  1. the “red center” of the wheels are the turning knob of the manual free-wheel hubs.
    unfornunately not so common anymore.


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