Spy Shots: NextEV NIO ES8 Is Getting Ready For The Chinese Car Market


Spy Shots showing the NextEV NIO ES8 testing in China. The NIO ES8 is a large electric SUV that will be launched on the Chinese car market in 2018, featuring a very tall front end, a black windscreen frame, and a black roof.


The rear isn’t as strong as the front with a lot of empty space and somewhat odd looking lights. This particular car has a white B-pillar and a white D-pillar, whereas the A and C are black. Probably just a pre-production car thingy, the car we saw in Shanghai had black-pillars only.

The NIO ES8 will have two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle, creating a 4-wheel drive car. Size: more than 5 meter long, more than 2 meter wide, and a wheelbase of more than 3 meters. It will seat seven in a 2/3/2 layout. When the ES8 debuted NIO claimed a range of 300 kilometers, which isn’t all that much. Now they say range will be 400 kilometers, which is a lot better.

The ES8 will be produced by a joint venture between NextEV NIO and Changan Auto.


Shiny bars in up front look much better on a black car.

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