One Minute Walk-around: Volkswagen Lamando GTS

A good look at the Volkswagen Lamando GTS, the sporty variant of the Lamando, a China-only sedan based on the VW MQB platform. The GTS comes with a body kit, a rear spoiler, sporty seats, and a lot of GTS badges. Power comes from a 2.0 turbo with 220hp and 350nm, this is the same engine that powers the China-made Golf GTI.

List price is a massive $34,000 which is way too expensive. Price at the dealer however is $25,000, a massive incentive of $9,000. But that is still not cheap and the GTS is therefore a very rare bird on the road. I had to go to a Shanghai-Volkswagen dealer for this movie.

Still, we hugely appreciate that Volkswagen really tried to make something seriously special and sporty for China. They have done it before; the GTS can be seen as the true successor of the beautiful Volkswagen Bora R.

2 thoughts on “One Minute Walk-around: Volkswagen Lamando GTS”

  1. Why in dollars, CHINACarNews?

    Anyway, how is $34 000 expensive when the new facelift Golf GTi is £30,390 ($39 367 or ¥258 348 ) in the UK for the DSG base model (tartan cloth, few toys etc …). In the US, where they actually use dollars, the pre-facelift SE model that is comparable with our China model can be had for $33 165 (¥217 645 or £25 602) … not that far away from your $34 000 figure and the Lamando’s a newer model, more premium etc …

    As for the ‘$9 000 discount’, about ¥60 000 … good luck with that! Lowest prices I’ve found hover around ¥34 000 lower than list at most …

    In the south where I live, even that size of discount doesn’t exist for this model, which wasn’t why I didn’t buy one in the end … the delivery wait was too long and my first choice came up at the right price/spec … at least you’re right about them being rare!

    1. Because 90% of my viewers are OUTside of China. So for these movies I convert the Chinese yuan price to U.S. dollar. 明白吗?

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