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Random Spots Of Cars And Some Other Things Episode 4

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Welcome to Random Spots Of Cars And Some Other Things Episode 4. We starting with a hip old man wearing a hip old hat riding a unicycle. He was very good on his wheel, making turns and runs like he was 15.

A yellow tow truck towing a city bus. The old diesel buses break down a lot, especially in winter and in summer. The new electric buses are much better, I never see those down. Electric is the future!

A sleek ‘n silver Citroen Xsara notchback. It was made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture but sales were slow, likely because the good old ZX Elysee series was cheaper and bigger inside.

A shiny Hello Kitty ornament on the the dash-top of a Ford Focus. Many of these ornaments double as an air purifier, a light, or a lighter, but this one seemed really just for decoration.

A beautiful blue Land Rover Freelander. The 3-door was officially imported into China but it is very rare. 99.9 percent of buyers went for the 5-door version.

Who would you rather ride? Seen on a photo exhibition in the Beijing Railway Museum in the northeast of the capital.

A scary Super Woman in my local McDonalds.

A BMW X1 with a purple blue wrap.

Chinese brick maker Gudi takes on the Lego Star Wars series; “cnntend fnr hegemnny”. I bought the set, quality was impressive for the money. I bought it for 65 yuan, or about one fifth of a comparable Lego set. You don’t always need the real thing.

A dusty Porsche 911. Don’t buy a white car in Beijing you idiot!

Having fun with a sheep in my local zoo.

A mellow yellow Citroen DS3. Citroen sold it as an import in 2013 but sales were near-nil because nobody wanted to spend almost 200,000 yuan on a tiny 3-door hatchback. The DS3 quietly left China just a year later. Citroen’s messy strategy is a thing of all times…

A sad octopus.

Chinese car humor: a broken-window set with half a tennis ball and a sticker. They go for a 50 yuan on Taobao.

A well-preserved Lexus is200, almost as gray as its surroundings.

More Random Spots Of Cars And Some Other Things soon!

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  1. Correct on the Freelander.

    And guys, come on:
    “Who would you rather ride?”
    Seriously? You really can’t make this kind of comment anymore. Just like those “Chinese girl with a xxxxx car” series.
    Maybe those comments are still acceptable in China, but you’re an international site and the world expects a bit more female friendly behavior.


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