This Is The New Dashboard Of The Beijing Auto BJ40L

Beijing Auto BJ40L
Beijing Auto BJ40L

The Beijing Auto BJ40L will soon get a facelift. Earlier on we saw photos of the exterior, and today we have the inside, and Beijing Auto is making a giant jump for the better. Compare with current interior:

One could think they are two totally different cars. But they aren’t. Chinese car makers are uniquely capable of completely changing interiors and dashboards during a car’s production run.

The new dash has a digital instrument panel and a large touch standing touch screen.

All very stylish. Note the air vents with the BAIC logo. Start-stop button in between the vents. Red-black color scheme in this car looks really cool.

Happily, it will keep the clearly marked cigarette lighter and ash tray. No wuzzy optional ‘smoking packs’ for Beijing Auto buyers.

The exterior of the facelifted car. Compare.

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