ORA: Good Cat gone bad?

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ORA is in hot water lately, ironically, due to the Good Cat. Chinese EV companies rely on one of many selling points to stay competitive; like lower pricing, longer range, and most importantly, better tech. It’s not uncommon to see processor specs on car brochures, boasting the processing speed of the infotainment system, for example.

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Like its peers, ORA reserved a section in their brochure and website about the Good Cat’s Cafe OS infotainment system; how it uses a Qualcomm 8 core processor to seamlessly provide a smooth user experience and smart self-driving features. Unfortunately, customers found out their vehicles didn’t have the Qualcomm 8 core processor, instead, they came with a quad-core Intel Atom chip from 2016.

Naturally, ORA removed all traces of the Qualcomm chip from their literature; thankfully, customers were one step ahead with screenshots and old brochures.

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The shady moves landed ORA in CCTV’s spotlight; this led the CEO of ORA to make a public apology, promising to conduct an internal investigation. Meanwhile, owners received a letter stating that the Qualcomm chip was a preview of future Good Cats (huh?). Note: All export Good Cats got the Qualcomm chip as promised.

Recently, ORA is handing out 10,000RMB (~ 1500USD) to each Good Cat customer, hoping to make the situation go away; if everyone agrees, then ORA would have to pay out 4 billion CNY (~63 million USD).

10,000 RMB= happy customer?

Customers aren’t giving in- Chinese law protects consumers from fraudulent practices like this; companies are required to not only refund the cost of the vehicle, but also reimburse the customer with three times the cost of the car.

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Will Ora get away with fraud? Or will this be the end of the brand? Stay tuned to Car News China to find out!

Sources: Ofweek, D1EV

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  1. Yeah, seems Great Wall has been on a role lately, apparently in an effort to keep up with the elite and surging NEV start-ups, and as a result, the momentum got so great that they began spinning out of control.
    Whoa! Slow down!
    Hopefully more reasonable heads will prevail, at Great Wall.


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