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GAC Emkoo Launched In China With 254 HP And Starting Price Of 19,450 USD

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GAC has launched the Trumpchi Emkoo SUV in China. Its price range lies between 132,000 – 172,000 RMB (19,450 – 25,350 USD). Top-trim models are equipped with Toyota hybrid system. Let’s get acquainted with this hip and edgy-looking crossover.

Briefly About GAC Trumpchi

GAC Group launched Trumpchi brand in 2008. It sells various passenger vehicles in China. Worth mentioning that GAC Group assembles Toyota vehicles in China. It looks like their friendship is getting stronger since a lot of Trumpchi cars adopt Toyota hybrid system. In H1 2022, GAC Trumpchi managed to sell over 170,000 vehicles. Its top-selling model is the GAC GS4. And now they have launched a new SUV called Emkoo.

Appearance and Dimensions

As mentioned, the appearance of the Trumpchi Emkoo is hip. It comprises a lot of sharp edges and straight lines. The front end of the Emkoo got a V-shaped frameless grille and sharp lights. From the side, we can notice flash door handles and a rear spoiler. As for the rear end, its taillights remind Volvo vehicles a bit. As for the size, the Trumpchi is a D-SUV. Its exact dimensions are 4680/1901/1670 mm with a wheelbase of 2750 mm.

Interior and Tech

The Emkoo interior looks nice, with a sporty D-shaped three-spoke steering wheel, a floating screen, a diamond gear selector, and two cup holders. Worth highlighting, it hasn’t got door handles. Instead, there are quirky switches. As for the entry-level Trumpchi Emkoo, it has a 7-inch instrument panel. And the higher trim Emkoo has a bigger 10.25-inch instrument panel. The diameter of the main screen is always 14.6-inch.

The ADiGO 5.0 system powers the Emkoo’s intelligent driving system. As for the hardware, it comprises the 8155 Qualcomm’s chip. Another feature is the Yamaha audio system with 12 speakers. But it is an optional extra for every trim level. The entry-level Emkoo goes with 6 speakers, and the top-trim has 8 speakers as standard.

Powertrains and Prices

First, let’s speak about the GAC Trumpchi Emkoo’s platform. It stands on GPMA (GAC Global Platform Modular Architecture) modular platform, developed by GAC. The GAC Trumpchi Emkoo got three different powertrains. Let’s begin with the entry-level model. It comprises a 1.5-liter 4A15J2 turbocharged petrol-powered engine for 177 hp and 270 Nm. It is paired with 7DCT. With this powertrain, the Emkoo consumes around 7 L/100km. As for top speed, it is limited to 190 km/h. The price range of this version lies between 132,000 and 145,000 RMB (19,450 – 21,370 USD).   

The more powerful Trumpchi Emkoo got a 2.0-liter 4B20J1 ICE for 252 horses and 400 Nm. It works with 8AT. Unfortunately, GAC hasn’t detailed the top speed and the zero-to-hundred acceleration time. But we know that this 2.0-liter ICE’s fuel consumption reaches 8.1 L/100km. The Emkoo 2.0T costs 145,000 – 155,000 RMB (21,370 – 22,840 USD).

Hybrid system’s 2.0-liter ICE (left) and electric motor (right)

And finally, we have come to the Emkoo with a hybrid system. It comprises the GMC 2.0 system, developed by GAC and Toyota. This system consists of a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated AB20L1 engine for 140 horses and 180 Nm. It works with an electric motor and 2DHT. As for the system power output, it reaches 238 hp. Worth mentioning that the Emkoo isn’t PHEV, so you can’t charge it with a plug. Moreover, its battery has a capacity of just 2.1 kWh. As for fuel consumption, it is 4.76 L/100km. The GAC Trumpchi Emkoo GMC 2.0 costs 162,000 – 172,000 RMB (23,830 – 25,350 USD).

Source: GAC Trumpchi Weibo, Autohome, 163

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