The new GAC Trumpchi GS4MAX

Thats a whole lot of SUV for the price

GAC Trumpchi Empow R goes topless in China

GAC Trumchi Empow R gets the convertible treatment. Shadow leopard loses its roof.

GAC Trumpchi E8 releases photos of the interior, launch later this year

The interior is based on the design concept of the mobile living room, with a floating center control screen and an embedded instrument screen.

Trumpchi ES9 PHEV makes a debut at Chengdu Auto Show

Trumpchi's latest PHEV MPV model, ES9 Traveler, made a debut on Chengdu Auto Show on Friday. The ORV will reportedly come with a 36,000 USD price tag.

New Trumpchi GS3 SUV Pre-sale Starts At 12,800 USD In China

Its 0 - 100 km/h acceleration time is 7.5 seconds and has a fuel consumption of 6.8L/100km.

GAC Trumpchi GS3 Interior Exposed With Two Huge Screens

The Cyberpunk continuous inside the GS3, let's have a glance at it!

GAC EMKOO Review: Concept Car Looks For The Road From China

We get behind the wheel of the GAC EMKOO, an edgy new mid-size SUV from China, to see if it cuts a groove on the road as well as on the eye.

New Trumpchi GS3 Unveiled In Online Game

From cartoon to car - that grille is real

Trumpchi GS3 Takes Chinese Grille Design To A New Level

What about this grille..?

Trumpchi M8 Master Edition Launched In China, Price Starts At 37,200 USD

Passengers can enjoy a spa mode in second-row seats!