No EV Here! Dongfeng Warrior M20 Packs A 6.7 Liter Diesel Engine

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New photos of the Dongfeng Warrior M20 SUV, a beast of a car with a massive 6.7 liter diesel engine under the hood.Everything is huge about the M20, note especially the mirrors, which appear to be larger than a television.

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The Warrior name (猛士) is used for a wide variety of off-road capable vehicles under Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM). The name goes back to the original Dongfeng EQ2050 ‘Chinese Hummer’. Most of the current Warrior cars are manufactured by various subsidiaries of DFM, some specializing in the more civilian oriented cars, others in vehicles for the armed forces.

The most common Warrior is the M50, which exists in dozens of variants: civilian, government services, army, you name it. The Warrior M50 is powered by a 4.0 liter turbo-diesel engine, good for 200 hp and 600 Nm. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual, sending power to all four wheels.

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At the very same time, the Warrior name is also used for a new series of high-end electric 4×4 vehiclesD, with up to 1000 electric horses.

The Warrior M20 SUV is based on a body-on-frame chassis. Earlier on we met the two-door pickup truck version, seen here on a MIIT photo. Dongfeng is developing short-chassis and long-chassis truck versions.

The SUV and the two-door truck. Further to the right a Warrior M50 fire-fighting vehicle.

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The Warrior M20 is powered by a massive engine: a Dongfeng-Cummins (东风康明斯) ‘D6.7NS6B320‘ 6.7 liter six-in-line diesel, good for an output of 320 hp (232 kw) and 1200 Nm. Max torque is available from 1200 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission sending horses to all wheels. The all-wheel drive system features a center differential. Top speed of the pickup truck is 140 km/h.

Dongfeng-Cummins (DCEC) is a Chinese-American engine-making joint venture, established in 1986. They make a wide range of engines that are used in, among others: trucks, buses, ships, and many military vehicles including tanks. Dongfeng Motor is one of DCEC’s main customers. All their heavy trucks use DCEC engines, and so does the entire ICE Warrior lineup.

The enormous machine comes with a dual-headlight design, wide wheel arches, a fully covered winch, black cladding in the doors, a ladder, running lights on the doors, a large roof rack, and big off-road tires with black alloys. Ready for everything it seems.

Dongfeng logo in the middle, flanked by the 猛士 name.

The gear lever is tiny compared the the bigness of the rest of the car. The screen looks sturdy with a row of buttons at the bottom.

The M20 SUV is a 7-seat car with a 2+2+3 setup.

There is a lot of design going on everywhere, but it all comes together nicely. Another running light on the bumper and a red light all the way up on the D-pillar. The spare wheel cover is so large that is blocks any view through the rear window, and there ain’t much so see through the rear-side windows either, blocked as they are by the pillar and ladder. But who cars, as everyone will get out of the way of this monster SUV anyway. More details on size and price as we get them!

Sources: Sohu, Weibo, Weibo, Qianlong.

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  1. This would sell well in AUS as does the 79 series as utes are too light to safely tow a heavy van without risking the tail wagging the dog.


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