Everything you need to know about BYD Yangwang U8, the most expensive mass-produced Chinese car

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The hardcore off-roader Yangwang U8 from BYD was unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show three months after its debut at the BYD conference in January. Surprisingly, the car is not a pure EV but EREV with a 49.05 kWh battery good for a 180 km CLTC range. With a full 75 liters tank and full battery, the total range is 1000 km.

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The battery can charge from 30% to 80% in 5 minutes. The car is equipped with 38 various sensors, including 3 lidars, 5 MW radars, 14 ultrasonic radars, and 16 cameras. It features onboard satellite communication so the driver can stay connected with the outside world, even in the mountains or desert, without a phone signal. It also comes with an optional drone docking station.

The U8 went on presale on April 18 in two versions – ‘Premium Edition’ and ‘Off-road Master Edition.’ The Offroad version has a vast roof box and a snorkel for its ICE.

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U8 Off-road Edition with roof box and the snorkel (the bottom picture has a better angle to see the snorkel).

Both versions also started the presale for the same price – 1,098,000 yuan (159,000 USD), making it the most expensive mass-produced Chinese car you can buy.

U8 Off-road Edition

Because of the chassis changes, the two versions have different dimensions. The Off-road version is slightly shorter but wider and higher.

Premium (length, width, height): 5319/2050/1930 mm with wheelbase 3050mm

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Off-road (length, width, height): 5259/2095/2034 mm with wheelbase 3050mm

As for the powertrain, the car is 4WD, and each wheel is driven by its electric motor with 220 kW, so the total maximum power is 880 kW (1,180 HP), and the peak torque is 1280 Nm. The acceleration of 0-100 km/h is 3.6 seconds.

U9 supercar and U8 Premium edition at Yangwang booth at Shanghai Auto Show 2023

Yangwang U8 is a range-extended vehicle (EREV) which means it also has a 2.0-liter ICE that works only as power generation for the battery and is not connected to the wheels. While it might be surprising for some that the car is not a pure EV, imagine what battery you would need to power such a heavy beast. 200 kWh, 250 kWh pack? And how much heavier with such a battery would this off-roader be.

The U8 is built on the e4 platform and equipped with BYD high-end suspension system DiSus. Thanks to its four motors, it can perform tank turn or float on the water.

U8 Off-road version with roof box and the snorkel

The inside of the Yangwang U8 looks very fancy and has a lot of leather. It also has three screens on the center console and a 70″ AR-HUD. The first screen is a 23.6-inch instrument panel for the driver and the front passenger. The second screen is the primary monitor, which is 12.8 inches and has a vertical layout. There are also two more 12.8-inch screens for the passengers in the back seats of the Yangwang U8. This SUV can be purchased with either five or seven seats.

BYD’s CEO, Wang Chaunfu, said in Shanghai that the luxury used to be connected to a logo, but now it depends on technology. I can’t agree more with that. Yangwang U8 will start deliveries in Q3 2023.

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  1. “….the car is not a pure EV, imagine what battery you would need to power such a heavy beast. 200 kWh, 250 kWh pack?”
    Also with the high cd spec of this boxy car, can you imagine how the driving range would suffer. Let’s see, when they finally launch the EV version.


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