BYD Chaser 07 interior exposed in China with a large screen

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The BYD Chaser 07 (Destroyer 07) has recently debuted at Shanghai Auto Show. During the debut, the actual vehicle’s windows were covered with black tints. But some of the automotive enthusiasts have found the way to look inside the Chaser 07. Now, these spy shots have leaked online. Let’s get acquainted with them.

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Briefly about the BYD Chaser 07

First, let’s start with the Chaser 07’s name. In China, it is known as 驱逐舰07 (Quzhujian 07, Destroyer 07). But its international name is Chaser 07. By the way, the same goes with the BYD Chaser 05. Its official name in the domestic market is Destroyer 05. Worth mentioning that in the Uzbekistan market, the Chaser 05 has one more name: Chazor. So the naming of the BYD’s Chaser cars looks complicated. But we will keep calling the Destroyer 07 by its international name “Chaser 07”.

The Chaser 07 is a B+ class sedan with a plug-in hybrid system. It consists of two optional petrol-powered engines: the entry-level ICE is 1.5-liter self-aspirated, and the second one is a 1.5 turbocharged engine. It also has a DiSus-C damping body control system. As for the dimensions of the Chaser 07, they are 4980/1890/1495 mm with a wheelbase of 2900 mm. Its exterior design stays close to the BYD Seal electric sedan. As for the price range, it is expected to be between 199,800 – 249,800 RMB (28,900 – 36,100 USD).

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The BYD Chaser 07 interior

Now, we are ready to get acquainted with the interior of the Chaser 07. As we can see in spy shots, its interior is finished in nice brown and white shades. Its front seats are wrapped in perforated leather. They look similar to the BYD Seal. Its shell-shaped door handles are also similar to the Seal. We can see that its steering wheel stays close to the Chaser 05. But it is wrapped in brown leather.

The center tunnel of the Chaser 07 has a wireless phone charging pad, a retractable gear selector, a hidden compartment, and a bunch of physical buttons. As for the center console, it has a wooden trim that is pretty rare for BYD vehicles. And of course, there is a main rotatable screen. Its diameter is unknown. But we may guess that it is 15.6-inch.

Editor’s comment

Nowadays, we can see how BYD erases borders between different series’ design languages. So the recently exposed BYD Song Plus EV that belongs to the Dynasty Series has the same design as the Ocean line. The same goes with the Chaser 07, that is a part of the Warship series. As we have seen in fresh spy shots of the Chaser 07, its interior design also stays in line with the Ocean series’ cars. It seems that BYD representatives think that this design language (Marine Aesthetics) is the most successful. However, the BYD Seal’s market performance is poor, compared with other BYD vehicles.

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Source: Weibo

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