Changan’s Deepal goes global by starting sales in Thailand

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Deepal NEV brand from Changan has started international expansion as it has launched sales of its two models in Thailand. First batch of cars has been shipped to the kingdom. It offers the L07 sedan and S07 SUV in the local market (Chinese names are SL03 and S7). These vehicles are available as EVs with RWD and ternary NMC batteries for 66.8 kWh. In China, they are also available as EREVs.

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Briefly on Deepal

Deepal is a new energy brand under Changan launched domestically in 2022. Its model line comprises two cars: the SL03 sedan and the S7 crossover. Their international names are L07 and S07, respectively. These vehicles were designed by ex-GM veteran Bertrand Bach, who now focuses on Qiyuan, another Changan’s brand.

The L07 and S07 share the same EP1 platform. In China, the L07 sedan is available in BEV, EREV (range extender), and FCEV (hydrogen) models. The Deepal S07 has BEV and EREV variants. However, only electric variants of L07 and S07 will sell internationally.

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Deepal aims to enter European and ASEA markets and push its annual sales to 450,000 units in 2024. In November 2023, Deepal disclosed that Thailand will be its first overseas market. Brand’s officials confirmed the construction of the car manufacturing plant in Thailand that will start operating in early 2025. Now, Deepal has finally entered the Thai market, offering two models.

Deepal launch in Thailand

As mentioned, Deepal offers two models in Thailand: the L07 sedan and the S07 crossover.

The L07 is a mid-sized sedan with dimensions of 4820/1890/1480 mm and a wheelbase of 2900 mm. It features R19 wheels and 150-mm ground clearance. The interior of the Deepal L07 has a 14.6-inch screen paired with a 10.5-inch LCD instrument cluster. It has a single electric motor for 190 kW on the rear axle. The 66.8-kWh ternary NMC battery supplies it with power. Its range reaches 540 km (NEDC). The Deepal L07 is priced from 1,329,000 baht (38,000 USD).

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The Deepal S07 SUV has dimensions of 4750/1930/1625 mm with a wheelbase of 2900 mm. In contrast with the L07 sedan, it offers R20 rims and a ground clearance of 165 mm. Inside, it has a 15.6-inch screen and 14 speakers. It shares a powertrain with the L07 sedan. But since it is an SUV, its range is only 485 km (NEDC). The starting price of the Deepal S07 in Thailand is 1,399,000 baht (40,000 USD).

Deepal’s key competitors in Thailand are BYD, GWM (Ora) and MG. Compared to its rivals, Deepal’s cars are priced reasonably. For example, the S07 is 305 mm longer than the BYD Atto 3 Extended Range. The S07 offers 5 km more range and 30 kW more power. And the starting price of the Deepal S07 is just 200,000 baht (5,720 USD) higher. However, the success of Deepal in the Thai market also depends on factors such as dealer network development and successful marketing. We will monitor Deepal’s situation, so stay tuned!

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