Another day another EV discount – Deepal S7 price cut

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Brutal competition in China’s new energy vehicle market shows no signs of abating. Yesterday saw a discount of 10,000 yuan (1,400 USD) on the price of the Deepal S7 meaning prices now start from 169,900 yuan (23,600 USD).

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Deepal was originally referred to as Shenlan in English before gaining an official English name. The brand is majority owned by Changan and currently sells new energy cars in China and Thailand. Other owners of the brand include CATL and Huawei and the car’s Deepal OS is built on the Harmony OS from Huawei.

The S7 is the brand’s second model and first SUV. Designed at the Changan Turin studio sales began last year and it is available in all electric and extended range (EREV) guises, a hydrogen fuel cell version will allegedly launch in the future. It has a length, width and height of 4750 mm, 1930 mm, 1625 mm respectively and a wheelbase of 2900 mm.

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After the reduction, the price range of the pure electric version is 169,900-192,900 yuan (23,600-26,800 USD). Customers have a choice between either the cash discount or a 6,000 yuan (830 USD) discount and another 6,000 toward options.

Other incentives include free lifetime data for car usage (13 GB/month) and two years of free entertainment data (10 GB/month).

The EV system and range extension system come with a lifetime warranty and there is a free home charger including installation.

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For the first 999 purchases there is a choice of six years free basic maintenance or heat insulation film worth 2,399 yuan. They will also receive 10 years of gold card rights which allows them an annual examination of the car.

EREV versions come with a 175 kW electric motor on the rear wheels and a 1.5 litre engine. Combined range is 1040 km or 1120 km for the 19 kWh and 31.7 kWh batteries respectively. For the full EV there are 160 kW, and 190 kW versions with a range of 520 or 620 km dependent on battery size.

Range however has also been in the news recently due to one owner of an EREV version claiming in a video that his car only achieved 24.77 L/100km or even 30 L/100km. Analysis however revealed very abnormal usage.

Firstly the data covered usage between 13:36 on December 22 until 22:26 on December 31. During that period a total of 20 trips were made with each of 7-8 km for a total of 151.5 km. Furthermore although the car was used for 18.44 hours only 6.1 hours was actually driving time while the remainder the car was used in-situ.

The original post has since been deleted and even Deepal CEO, Deng Chenghao, has personally responded to refute the story.  

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