Deepal S7

Another day another EV discount – Deepal S7 price cut

Deepal S7 EV from Changan gets a price cut and EREV version has fuel economy row.

Deepal S7 520Pro all-electric SUV, backed by CATL and Huawei, launched at 24,600 USD

Deepal S7 520Pro is a 5-seater SUV with a 520 km cruising range.

Deepal SL03i and S7i, backed by CATL and Huawei, will offer advanced driving assistance features

The new cars can realize memory parking assist by remembering the route the human has parked previously.

CATL-Huawei’s Deepal SL03i and S7i will launch on October 27

The SL03i and S7i will come standard with advanced driving assistance functionalities.

Chinese EV brand Deepal sets a new record as it sells first 100,000 units in 14 months

The brand's S7 reached 10,000 units per month delivery milestone faster than any other model before.

CATL-Huawei-Changan JV’s Deepal S7 EV and EREV launched, price starts at 20,800 USD

The comprehensive ranges of the EREV model are 1040 km and 1120 km while the pure electric ranges of the EV model are 520 km and 620 km.

China speed: Deepal S7 to launch on June 25, deliveries to start on June 30

The maximum range is 620 km CLTC and price starts at 24k USD.

Changan Deepal S7 hits the production line in China. Tesla Model Y competitor

The Deepal S7 from Changan, Huawei and CATL has hit the production line in China. To launch tomorrow.

Changan’s Deepal S7’s pre-sales started in China. Price starts at 24,250 USD

The Deepal S7 is a midsize SUV with BEV, EREV and FCEV powertrains. It is ready to rival the Tesla Model Y in China.