And a cuddly car: meet the Wuling Bingo Mickey Plush Style

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Apparently April Fool’s Day has not come early to China this year, although Wuling has not yet commented on whether this version will go on official sale. If you ever wanted a cuddly car to take to bed as a kid your prayers have been answered now you’re an adult! Behold the Wuling Bingo “Mickey Plush Style.”

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Wuling claim it is the world’s first plush car and the car is wrapped inside and out in furry material – that should at least give it one extra C-NCAP star! There’s even a pair of furry ears on the roof.

The Wuling Bingo is a small five door electric hatchback which launched last year. Wuling hoped to capitalize on the success of their Mini EV by producing something a bit bigger and more car like. List prices range from 59,800 yuan (8,300 USD) to 88,800 yuan (12,350 USD).

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Much like with the cuteness factor of the Macaron version of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV the plush Bingo uses pastel colors – pink, blue and yellow – for the outside fluff. That fluff even extends to the wheels leading some Chinese netizens to quip whether the car needs to be dry cleaned rather than put through a car wash.

Plush treatment extends to the interior with the Wuling Bingo “Mickey Plush Style.” Largely pink inside there’s also some yellow and gray embellishments. Seeing as General Motors has 44% ownership of the Wuling joint venture we hope that the car has a license from Disney to use Mickey Mouse as seen on the headrest and in the name. At least some of the pictures have a Disney copyright logo so it looks like it is officially endorsed. The main owner of the JV is SAIC with 50.1% and the remainder actually belonging to Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, based Wuling.

The standard Wuling Bingo comes with a choice of a 30 kW or 50 kW front mounted motor. Range varies depending on battery back but it is available with ranges of 203 km, 333 km and 410 km. If the Mickey Plush Style version makes it to production these parameters will likely remain the same. Judging from the interior the target audience must be young women.

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