Wuling Bingo Plus a new car with plus size, plus range

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While everyone is still likely holding out for the Wuling Bingo Mickey Plush Style there is a new Bingo that is definitely going on sale the Bingo Plus and it will launch tomorrow, March 6. Despite the name the Wuling Bingo Plus is not a new version of the small car but rather a whole new car although it is clearly based on the original. Not only does it have a greater range of 510 km but it is significantly bigger as well.

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In some markets the BYD Seagull gets renamed as the Dolphin Mini and there is a definite relationship between the Dolphin and Seagull. It is a similar case with the Wuling Bingo and Bingo Plus and they have just chosen not to give the new car a different name.

The Wuling Bingo Plus comes in significantly bigger than the original Bingo and is designed to slug it out with the BYD Dolphin but is still smaller than the BYD car. The Bingo Plus is 4090 mm long with a wheelbase of 2610 mm up from 3950 mm and 2560 mm on the original. Width is also slightly up at 1720 mm while height is slightly down by 5 mm at 1575 mm. BYD’s Dolphin however has a length of 4150 mm and a 2700 mm wheelbase.

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While there are some similarities in design between the Wuling Bingo and the Bingo Plus, they are clearly two different cars. The overall shape of the headlight cluster is very similar but the Bingo Plus gains prominent linear LED running lights as part of the cluster and the front gains large air vents.

From the side profile we can see the Bingo Plus gains a floating roof style normally more common on SUVs and there are new five spoke wheels. At the back the taillight clusters are more slender and the actual hatch opening is bigger than on the regular Bingo. The interior has yet to be revealed however vehicle space utilization is claimed to be 78.4%. There is an extra large sunken trunk with 1450 liters of space.

The Wuling Bingo Plus rides on Wuling’s pure electric native platform architecture. Power comes from a TZ180XS275 motor produced by Shandong Shuanglin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Maximum power is 75 kW which exceeds the 70 kW available in the Dolphin, and peak torque is 180 Nm. Thanks to a 50.6 kWh battery which is quite large for such a small car the range is 510 km (CLTC).

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More on pricing should be known at tomorrow’s launch but the Bingo Plus will likely start at around 100,000 yuan and be priced to compete with the recently launched 2024 version of the BYD Dolphin.

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