2024 Zeekr 007 from Geely launched in China with serious upgrades

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It’s only been a little over 3 months since the Zeekr 007 was initially launched. Zeekr 007 has launched an updated version of its entry-level model. According to Zeekr‘s official website, the new car is packed with lots of features despite having the same starting price of 209,900 yuan (29,000 USD).

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Zeekr is a high-end electric car brand under Geely Group. It was launched back in 2021 with the 001 hatchback as the first model. Nowadays, Zeekr’s model line comprises four cars: 001, 007, 009, and X. This year, Zeekr will probably add two more vehicles to the line: Zeekr Mix MPV and Zeekr Ark (CX1E) crossover. Now, this brand has launched the updated version of the Zeekr 007 sedan.

The Zeekr 007 is offered in 5 trims.

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  • Enhanced RWD: 209,900 yuan (29,000 USD)
  • Smart RWD: 229,900 yuan (31,800 USD)
  • AWD: 229,900 yuan (31,800 USD)
  • Smart AWD: 259,900 yuan (35,950 USD)
  • Performance AWD: 299,900 yuan (41,500 USD)

The entry-level model, Zeekr 007 Enhanced RWD, now has 14-way power front seats with ventilation and massage functions. The rear power seats also have heating. The new car also has a 15-inch OLED center screen, a 35.5-inch AR-HUD system, a 21-speaker premium audio system, and an AI fragrance system. These are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 CPU.

It also comes standard with LCC+ (Enhanced Lane Centering Assistance), and NZP high-speed autonomous pilot assistance. The vehicle is equipped with various park assistance systems such as APA, RAPA, and FTP. These are powered by Nvidia Drive Orin.

Same as its predecessor, the Zeekr 007 Enhanced RWD has a peak power of 310 kW, with a pure electric range of 870 km. Its battery can add 610 kim in 15 minutes of charging. It can travel from 0 – 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds. Meanwhile, the AWD models have a 165 kW front motor allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.84 seconds for Zeekr 007 Performance.

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Stefan Sielaff, the former Audi and Bentley designer, oversaw the design of the Zeekr 007. He and his team designed a luxury car with minimalistic design language. The dimensions measure 4865 / 1900 / 1448 mm with a wheelbase of 2928 mm.

Zeekr 007 Enhanced RWD uses Zeekr’s 75 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Golden battery. It uses 800V charging. It provides a maximum range of 688 km CTLC. The battery can be upgraded to CATL’s 100 kWh NMC for 20,000 yuan (2,770 USD). This option is also available for Smart RWD, AWD, and Smart AWD. It provides a maximum range of 870 km CTLC for RWD models and 770 km CTLC for AWD models.

Zeekr 007 is covered by a 6-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty.

Direct competitors of the Zeekr 007 include Xiaomi SU7, Tesla Model 3, XPeng P7, NIO ET5, Geely Galaxy E8, and BYD Han, just to name a few. During the first quarter of 2024, Zeekr 007 sold 9700 units while Zeekr 001 sold 8700 units. Zeekr 001 sales surged to 30,000 units in March due to new discounts. Hence, similar sales tactics are now applied to the smaller Zeekr 007.

Since its launch in March 2021, the Geely-backed company, Zeekr has not turned to profit. For 2023, Zeekr sold a total of 118,700 units, falling short of its annual target of 140,000 units. To date, Zeekr has accumulated losses of more than 20 billion yuan (2.766 billion USD). Zeekr’s cash reserves are now only 3.3 billion yuan (456.4 million USD), a debt ratio as high as 132%. In contrast, Xiaomi is holding over 120 billion yuan (16.6 billion USD) in cash. Xiaomi stated that they are prepared not to profit from their automotive venture in the next five years. With Xiaomi’s strong entry, receiving 88,898 orders in 24 hours of its launch, the industry’s price war is bound to escalate further.

Source: Sina Finance, Zeekr

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    • Byd dolphin is a 13k USD budget EV. In that segment that charging speed is more than enough. BYD U9 super car has 500kw charging tech. That means byd has ultra fast charging tech. Charging speed of BYD EVs depend on the price point. Also there are very few 500kw public chargers, most of the public charging stations offer 100kw to 200kw speed.

  1. What’s the real difference between Zeekr’s Golden Battery and CATL Shenxing battery? They are both LFP batteries, and both are used in Zeekr’s cars. They seem too similar to have been developed independently. Does Zeekr (Geely) have it’s own battery production? If so, why don’t they use “their own” Golden batteries in 001?

    • For RWD models, Zeekr’s 75 kWh (LFP) Golden battery provides 688 km CTLC. The CATL’s 100 kWh NMC provides 870 km CTLC.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Sorry about the misunerstanding. Zeekr’s Golden Battery (in Zeekr 007) 75 kWh (LFP) and the Shenxing battery in the new Zeekr 001 (upgrade), that the 4WD We version get with the 95 kWh (LFP), but from CATL, according to Mark Andrews. There is only 20kWh difference. Perhaps Zeekr will not be able to produce a Golden Battery with 95 kW? It’s a curiousity, right?

  2. Design; design language is something Chinese brands almost don’t have in their model lines. That’s why it is great to see that Zeekr now is starting to find it’s own. The 007, the MIX MPV and probably the CX1E will have the band from the front – all around to the front doors – in black(?) with the headlights integrated. It is perhaps not much – but it will help recognizing the brand.

    On Zeekr 001 and the X (and 009?) they still use the Lynk&Co design, with two light strips on top of the fender. But that’s confusing since it is not a special Zeekr design language. And now that Lynk&Co start delivering 100% EV’s (not just hybrids), it’s may be time to change the front design on all the Zeekr’s?

  3. The Zeekr 007 looks amazingly cool with nice interior features and aerodynamic elements designs.
    Lots of bundled features included compared to other EV cars manufacturers. Very affordable price tag.

    Thanks for the well informative detailed information.

  4. An affordable beauty pack with functionality designs and features. A full range of eye watering interior designed and smooth physical appearance makes this Zeekr a car to be reckoned with by many enthusiasts.

    One word that I would use to describe this is “Beautiful”.

    Just can’t wait to get my hands on one of those Zeekr EV cars.


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