zeekr 007

Zeekr 007 becomes 5th fastest EV on FIA-approved circuit, surpasses Model S Plaid

Zeekr 007 Performance achieved faster lap time than Tesla Model S Plaid and Xiaomi SU7 at the FIA-approved Zhejiang International Circuit

Geely’s Zeekr 007 Station Wagon in pre-production, may head to Europe

Zeekr 007 station wagon, codename: CC1E, is in the works

Zeekr 007 beats humans in complex parking test

Zeekr demonstrates advanced auto-park feature which beats human drivers for vertical stacking parking systems.

Test Drive | Zeekr 007: fast and luxurious

This luxury car will make you smile but make the passengers scream simultaneously

2024 Zeekr 007 from Geely launched in China with serious upgrades

Price war escalates as Xiaomi SU7 enters the arena, putting pressure on Zeekr

10,000th Zeekr 007 rolls off the production line in China

Today Zeekr produced the 10,000th Zeekr 007 sedan EV car in China.

Zeekr 007 launched with the world’s fastest charging – 610 km range in 15 minutes

Zeekr 007 received 51,569 orders in 40 days prior launch.

Zeekr 007 pure electric sedan with 870 km range rolled off production line, will launch on December 27

Zeekr 007 features the Golden Battery, which the brand claims to be the world's fastest mass-produced charging lithium iron phosphate battery.

Zeekr launches 800V Golden Battery, can charge 500 km in 15 minutes and withstand 1000°C

Zeekr drove a 22-ton roller over it, and it still worked.

Geely’s Zeekr 007 revealed 100-kWh battery pack for 870 km range

Zeekr 007 will offer two battery options and up to 870 km range. It will begin sales in China next year with a starting price of 31,700 USD.