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How do Chinese EV makers roll out new products so quickly?

How did a brand-new Chinese EV maker produce 3 new models in two years and sell a hundred thousand?

Rivals Denza D9, former GAC-Nio JV’s all-electric Hycan V09 MPV has a 750 km range

The Hycan V09 features an 800V fast charging platform and a 257 Wh/kg high-energy density battery pack.

Nio delivered 10,707 vehicles in June, up 74%

The price cuts boosted Nio sales, but it is only a short term cure.

Nio delivery estimate for June: ~11,000 vehicles

Nio's declining trend breakthrough is expected tomorrow.

Nio battery swap station caught fire in China due to damaged battery

Nio second generation PSS (battery swap station) ignited in China 10 minutes after a battery swap.

Nio’s CEO, William Li, arrived on a surprise visit to Germany

First, Musk in China, and now William Li in Germany.

Nio ET5 Touring station wagon launched in China for 31,850 USD. To hit the Europe soon.

The Nio ET5 Touring is a cool station wagon with 490 hp, 680 km of CLTC range and a starting price of 31,850 USD. Its deliveries will start tomorrow in China.

Nio joins the price war, lowering cost of every model by 4,200 USD. ES6 NT2 included

The Nio ET5 with BaaS now costs less than the Tesla Model 3 RWD. And the recently launched ES6 NT2 is cheaper than all of its rivals.

Nio ET5 Touring hits delivery centers in China. Officially launch on June 15

The Nio ET5 Touring has hit the delivery centers in China and will welcome the Chinese customers right after the official launch on June 16.