China EV Daily (Aug 10): Baojun launches Cloud, Geely’s Galaxy E8 spied, Zeekr reveals 001 FR, Neta enters Indonesian market

Baojun launches new Cloud model, Geely's all-electric Galaxy E8 leaked, Zeekr reveals 001 FR images, Geely and Baidu set up new automotive tech company, Neta Automobile enters Indonesian market.

Baojun Cloud received 10,000 preorders in 10 days in China. To launch on August 10

100 kW electric motor, 460 km range, starting at 14k USD. Baojun is a brand under SGMW, joint venture between American GM and Chinese SAIC & Wuling.

Baojun Cloud has four trim levels. Price may start at 13,900 USD in China

Baojun Cloud is an electric hatchback with 460 km of range and 100-kW electric motor. Its trim levels are revealed in China.

Baojun Yunduo opens blind orders in China, price may start at 13,900 USD, will launch on August 10

Baojun Yunduo offers two cruising ranges in 360 km and 460 km. Its starting price may be around 13,900 USD.

China EV Daily (July 25): NIO’s new motor, Lotus’ restructuring, Baojun Yunduo’s launch, Li Auto’s sleep aid patent

NIO reveals new motor for a sedan. Lotus to restructure, Baojun Yunduo begins bookings, Li Auto patents a sleep aid.

China EV Daily (July 23): Baojun’s Cloud car, Lotus ELETRE deliveries, IM Motor’s small sedan, AnTuTu’s car version, China’s SE Asia EV domination

Baojun Cloud car's endurance unveiled, Lotus Eletre's deliveries start, a small sedan from IM Motor on the way, China dominating SE Asia EV market.

GM’s Baojun Yunduo interior officially unveiled with fuzzy seats. BYD Dolphin rival.

The Baojun Yuduo is an EV hatchback from the SGWM joint venture with 400 km of range and a starting price of 13,800 USD.

Baojun Yunduo more specs and interior shots leaked. To rival BYD Dolphin

The Baojun Yunduo is ready for pre-sales in China with 400 km of range, 136 hp and the starting price of 14,000 USD. BYD Dolphin rival.

Baojun Yep considers introducing EREV model, enabling small ICE generator to be fitted after delivery

Pure EV range is 303 km CLTC. Fuel engine would add additional 80km of range.

SGMW’s Baojun Yep launched with a 35L frunk refrigerator in China

The coolest Chinese EV starts at 79,800 yuan (11,300 USD).