BYD sold 28,001 Seagull EVs in July, up 21% from the previous month

Currently, BYD Seagull is only sold in China, the price is 73,800 - 89,800 yuan (10,300 -12,500 USD).

Wuling Bingo EV sold 18,015 units in May, up 9.9% more than in April.

May is the second full month since the Wuling Bingo EV went on sale, and sales are currently ahead of rival BYD Seagull.

BYD Seagull sells 14,300 units in the first month after delivery

BYD Seagull was released at the end of April, and mass delivery began in May, with sales of 14,300 units. Its main competitor, the Wuling Bingo, sold 16,383 units in the first month (April) after its release.