Exeed LX

The updated Exeed LX C-DM SUV hits the market

The updated Exeed mid sized SUV hits the market

New Chery Exeed LX SUV launched in China, available in ICE and PHEV

The PHEV comprehensive cruising range can reach up to 1,000 km.

Chery Exeed LX ET-i Hybrid Pre-sale Starts at $23,600 and Coming to Europe

One of China's biggest vehicle manufacturers, Chery launched the pre-sale of its crossover Exeed LX ET-i 1.5T PHEV starting at RMB 150,000 or $23,600...

This Is The New Exeed LX Crossover For China

Exeed is a new premium SUV brand under Chery. The Exeed LX is their second car. The Exeed LX is a bit too obviously...