GAC Trumpchi ES9 PHEV SUV with 1,215 km range will start pre-sale on October 1 in China

Trumpchi ES9 is expected to cost less than 41,100 USD. It is available in 6- and 7-seat layouts.

GAC Trumpchi releases more official photos of E8 interior

Trumpchi's ucpoming MPV releases more photos of the interior.

GAC Hycan V09 all-electric MPV starts pre-sale at 43,500 USD with 620 km and 762 km ranges

The official fast charging rate is 1 km per second. It also has not 1, but 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip.

GAC Aion Y Plus all-electric SUV launched in Thailand, price starts at 29,900 USD

In August 2023, 26,713 units of Aion Y Plus were sold in China, surpassing BYD Yuan Plus (24,272 units) and only second to the Tesla Model Y (51,117 units) as one of the best-selling pure electric SUVs in China.

GAC Trumpchi E8 releases photos of the interior, launch later this year

The interior is based on the design concept of the mobile living room, with a floating center control screen and an embedded instrument screen.

GAC Trumpchi E8 PHEV MPV rendering revealed in China, will launch in Q4 2023

Trumpchi E8's powertrain will consist of a 1.8L or 2.0L engine combined with a ternary lithium battery pack.

GAC Trumpchi E9 Champion Edition PHEV MPV launched in China

The Trumpchi E9 Champion Edition PHEV MPV launched in China for 48,790 USD with 106 km of electric range, 7 seats and 373 hp.

Rivals Denza D9, former GAC-Nio JV’s all-electric Hycan V09 MPV has a 750 km range

The Hycan V09 features an 800V fast charging platform and a 257 Wh/kg high-energy density battery pack.

GAC Aion Hyper GT launched in China with 340 hp and swappable battery. Starts at 30,370 USD

The GAC Aion Hyper GT is launched in China with 710 km of range and battery swap option. But it is still in danger.

GAC Aion sold 45,013 EVs in June, up 86% year on year

Aion has sold more than 40,000 pure EVs for four consecutive months, and currently ranks third in the Chinese market for pure EVs sales.