Hycan V09

GAC Hycan V09 all-electric MPV with 762 km range launched, price starts at 43,600 USD

The Hycan V09 is built based on the H-EGA pure electric architecture, equipped with a standard 800V high-voltage Silicon Carbide platform. The top speed is 190 km/h.

Hycan’s first MPV to go on sale today, presale price from 44,000 USD

The car is currently on presale from 44,000 USD. The buyers can get ultra long warranties, free life-time road rescue service, and replacement subsidies.

Hycan first electric MPV to enter market on October 13, now in presale for 45,000 USD

With the MPV, Hycan will complete its product line. The brand c urrently offers a sedan and two SUV models.

Rivals Denza D9, former GAC-Nio JV’s all-electric Hycan V09 MPV has a 750 km range

The Hycan V09 features an 800V fast charging platform and a 257 Wh/kg high-energy density battery pack.

Hycan’s First Electric MPV Called V09 Unveiled In China With 800V High-Voltage System

Only very few Chinese cars have two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips, the V09 is one of them.