Jiangling Motors (JMC)

The Big Read – Jiangling (3/3) – The Landwind story

Part 3 of the Automaker Story on JMC. This time the story of JMC's passenger car brand Landwind and NEV-subsidiary JMEV.

The Big Read – Jiangling (2/3) – Ford joins the party

Part 2 of the Automaker Story on JMC. Ford Motor Co joins JMC to form a joint venture and JMC acquires a pickup manufacturer.

The Big Read – Jiangling (1/3) – Sunny days

Part 1 of the Automaker Story on JMC. General manager Sun Min turns loss-making Jinggangshan truckmaker into a buoyant Isuzu joint venture.

JMC launched a new cool pickup brand Dadao. First truck has Ford engine

The Dadao is a new pickup truck from JMC, powered by the Ford's Ecoboost engine. Deliveries to start in May this year.

New JMC Baodian Pickup Truck Launched In China For 12,500 USD

How about a pickup truck for 12,500 USD? The all-new JMC Baodian launched in China. And it is a living legend.