Li Auto L6

Li hits May holiday headlines not just for driverless incident

The incident of a Li driving on the highway without a driver along with sales of the L6 and driving results of the May holiday.

Li Auto L6 EREV launched in China at 34,500 USD

The Li Auto L6 has a 212 km pure electric range and 1,390 km comprehensive range.

Li Auto L6 specs and pricing leaked before the launch 

Li Auto L6 is a 4.9-meter SUV with five seats, HUD, CDC suspension, and 1390 km of mixed range for 35,900 USD.

Li Auto L6 spotted in China as it gets closer to launch

Li Auto L6 is a 4.9-meter EREV SUV with 172 km of range. It will enter China in April with a price range of 34,700 – 41,600 USD.

Li Auto teases the new L6 SUV before the launch

Teaser image of the new Li Auto L6 released with Year of the Dragon theme.

Li Auto L6 specs revealed. To launch in China below 42,000 USD

Li Auto L6 details, price, and release date revealed

Li Auto L6 reveals in patent images before the official launch

Li Auto L6 is the mid-size EREV SUV with a starting price of 34,170 USD. It will enter the Chinese market next year.

Li Auto L6 EREV SUV spied in China. To launch in 2024 with a price under 41,200 USD

The Li Auto L6 EREV SUV was spotted in China during road tests for the first time. Previously, a lot of media confused it with the Li Auto L7.