Polestones 01 rolled off the production line. To rival Li Auto

The Polestones 01 is a full-size EREV SUV with 476 hp and a starting price of 47,800 USD. Its deliveries will start in China in November.

Interior of the Stone 01 EREV SUV revealed a huge screen. To launch in August

The interior of the Stone 01 EREV SUV from Xiaomi-related Rox Motor and BAW was exposed. The 01 has 476 hp and CATL battery.

Xiaomi-related Rox EREV SUV was spied in China without camouflage. Ready to rival G-Class

The Rox SUV has an EREV (range extended) powertrain, seven seats and a nice appearance. Let's get to know it better.

Xiaomi-related SUV From Rox Brand Exposed In China. To Compete With G-Class

The EREV SUV From Rox brand backed by Xiaomi spied in China during charging. It is another 'G-Class killer'.