Voyah Zhiyin EV with 901 km range to be assembled at Nissan’s plant in China

Dongfeng’s Voyah Zhiyin with 901-km range will be assembled at the Dongfeng Nissan plant in Wuhan. It manufactures the Nissan Ariya.

New Voyah Free 318 enters China with longest electric range among EREVs

The Voyah Free 318 EREV crossover from Dongfeng entered the Chinese market with a starting price of 228,900 yuan (31,550 USD).

2024 Voyah Dreamer Private Customized Edition launched for 88,400 USD

This 4-seater luxurious plug-in hybrid MPV features two rear aviation seats and the entire rear cabin is covered in calf skin.

Voyah Free 318 starts pre-sale in China

Voyah claimed the Free 318 has the longest all-electric range for an EREV SUV at 318 km. Comprehensive range is 1,458 km.

2024 Voyah Dreamer Private Customized Edition 4-seater MPV will launch on June 1

The Voyah Dreamer follows behind the footstep of the Denza D9 Pioneer Edition and Zeekr 009 Glory Edition to launch a 4-seater version.

Voyah Free 318 claims longest all-electric range for PHEV

Voyah Free 318 claims to have the longest all-electric range for a hybrid SUV. Pre-sales of the Dongfeng car being May 30.

Dongfeng Voyah Zhiyin is a new pure electric SUV for China

The Voyah Zhiyin is likely to be jointly built by Voyah and Huawei.

Voyah outlines new technologies coming to cars soon

Voyah today outlines new technologies coming to its cars at the Voyah Spring Technical Conference held in Beijing.

Dongfeng Voyah H37 SUV spy shots emerge in China

New spy shots of a mid-size SUV from Dongfeng Voyah with the codename H37.

Voyah Passion PHEV entered China with 530 hp for just 35,380 USD

The Voyah Passion PHEV is a huge high-end sedan that can run up to 1,260 km and speed up to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.