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Voyah new SUV model spotted on the road, launch probably this quarter

The SUV will be Voyah's first mid-size model. The price should be cheaper than 41,000 USD.

Dongfeng Voyah Zhuiguang PHEV sedan’s official images revealed, with 1,227 km range

Voyah is a high-end new energy brand under Dongfeng. Previously, an EV version of the Zhuiguang was launched with a price tag starting at 44,300 USD.

Chinese new energy vehicle brand quality ranking – H1 2023, Voyah and ARCFOX are among the best

Changan's Deepal brand came in last as having the worst quality while NIO and Chery New Energy scored below average.

New Voyah Free launched in China for 36,660 USD with 1,221 km of range

New Voyah Free is an EREV SUV with 1,211 km of range, 480 hp and four screens inside. Its price was cut by 20%.

Dongfeng’s new Voyah Free SUV will launch on August 19 with 1,201 km cruising range

The new Voyah Free is equipped with Baidu's Apollo Highway Driving Pro autonomous driving system.

Voyah Zhuiguang (Passion) PHEV version specs were unveiled in China

The Voyah Passion (AKA Zhuiguang) PHEV's specs were unveiled in China with 25.6-kWh CATL battery for 101 km of electric range.

Dongfeng’s Voyah Zhuiguang PHEV with 1,000km range will launch in Q3 2023

Voyah is a high-end new energy vehicle brand under Dongfeng.

Voyah Entered Israeli Market, FREE SUV Delivery Starts In March 2023

The Voyah FREE SUV is now opened for reservation in Israel.

Voyah Zhuiguang & Dreamer Went Though Winter Tests In China

Voyah Zhuiguang and Dreamer have taken part in winter tests in China. Are they ready for cold temerature and snowy roads?