Yuanhang Y6

Yuanhang Y6 all-electric sedan with 1,020 km range launched, price starts at 45,100 USD

The Yuanhang Y6 offers four cruising ranges: 620 km, 720 km, 810 km, and 1,020 km, available in rear-wheel and four-wheel drives.

Dayun’s Yuanhang Y6 EV sedan rolls off the production line. Nio ET7 rival

Yuanhang Y6 is a large electric sedan from Dayun with over 1,000 km of range. It is ready for the market launch in China.

Dayun Yuanhang Y6 is an all-electric sedan with 1,020 km range, will roll off production line on Nov 8

Yuanhang Auto is a high-end electric vehicle brand under Dayun Group. The Y6's price starts at 45,100 USD.

Dayun Yuanhang’s all-electric Y6 sedan and H8 SUV with up to 1,020 km range will launch in August

Both the Y6 and H8 are based on Yuanhang’s electric BHD (Beyond the Horizon of Drive) platform jointly developed with Bosch and Huawei.