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From Alibaba’s Treasure: Lizhong Jeep 800cc

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Alibaba.com is Asia’s biggest trade website, many small companies try to get their stuff noticed abroad. The Chinese are the funniest with all their copycats and these include a lot of cars. Today the first one: this Jeep 800cc by a company called Ningbo Yinzhou Lizhong Vehicle Co., Ltd. from Ningbo in Zhejiang Province.

The Jeep 800cc has a 3-cilinder, 800cc petrol engine with [email protected] Size: 3130X1565X1510. It costs between 5000 and 7000 USD (FOB) and the minimum buy is 4 vehicles. 7000 is not too much for an almost Jeep, the purple-colored car has chrome mirrors. It is also available in white and blue. See the Alibaba ad here and Lizhong’s website here. The 800cc strangely isn’t there but some other interesting machines are.

[Disclaimer: Alibaba is not a sponsor of TheTycho.com but might be one day]

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