New Car: Changhe Suzuki WagonR E+

Published on March 10, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

Changhe-Suzuki didn’t bother to update the WagonR for at least six years. There was no need, the car was selling wel, especially in the more rural areas but in city it is no stranger either. Finally now in 2010 the factory decided for a facelift that mostly hit the front, and hitted hard.

It is now called the WagonR E+. The boxiness of the old car made it stand out even though is was based on a very small Japanese Kei-car. The new front is rounder with huge headlights and just doesn’t convince me as an improvement. But let the market decide, on sale from April with an 1.1 petrol from around 40.000 rmb.

The old WagonR

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