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Spy Shot: Beijing Auto T8 Sedan based on Chrysler 300C

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Beijing Auto’s mother company BAIC used to have a joint venture with Chrysler, they made the 300C and Sebring for the Chinese market. The joint venture is now disbanded but BAIC bought the tooling and factory for its brand Beijing Auto, known as Beiqi in China. Beijing Auto will bring 3 new cars to da market based on the two Chrysler-platforms, this T8 sedan is first, it is based on the Chrysler 300C and got a new front.

Engines will remain the same, Chryler will continue to sell ‘m to Beijing Auto. BAIC will also continue to sell imported Jeeps in China. Chrysler’s new owner Fiat wants to start making Chryslers in China again as soon as possible by Fiat’s new joint venture with Guangzhou Auto. The nex-gen 300C will likely one of the cars that will see production, the new 300C will so compete directly with the old one made by Beijing Auto.

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