Koenigsegg Agera arrives in China

No maker of exotics can ignore China anymore. Latest arrival is Koenigsegg with the new Agera. According to the company’s own website they don’t have dealers in China just yet, but it seems that will change very soon. One Agera made it to Beijing for an introduction to the automotive press. Mr. Bård Eker, Koenigsegg’s owner and boss, was in Beijing as well and told the Agera will cost 26.7 million yuan in China, that is 3.89 million dollar. A lot of money, but a beautifull car. No doubt Koenigsegg can find some rich Chinese buyers for it.

One thought on “Koenigsegg Agera arrives in China”

  1. Great to drive on early mornings on any of Beijing’s new highways, outside the 6th ring it is free for all, no camera’s and no police…

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