Spy Shots: FAW-Hongqi C131 based on Audi A6

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We reported earlier on the upcoming Hongqi C131. By that time the Chinese press reported that the platform was independently developed by FAW. We had our doubts, and that proves correct. Chinese media now reports the C131 is actually based on an Audi A6 platform.

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VW/Audi and FAW have a joint venture, FAW-Volkswagen, they make they Audi’s A4, A6 and Q5 and a bunch of Volkswagens. Audi and Hongqi go way back, Audi supplied platforms for Hongqi since the early 80’s. See here, here and here for some examples. Hongqi later did it with Ford for awhile but that relationship soon brook down. Hongqi then tried Toyota but that love produced only one baby, the Crown-based HQ3. Back again now with Audi for the new mid-sized Hongqi limosine, a big sedan is on its way as well…

Dash loox good but a bit Mazda-like. That indeed is well possible, FAW’s upcoming Besturn B90 is based on the Mazda 6 and this is almost the same dash as the B90. FAW so makes cars in jv’s with Volkswagen, Mazda and Toyota. Then they make their own cars based on Volkswagens, Audi’s and Mazda’s. A mess it is.

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FAW easily has enough money to develop their own platforms, they just don’t wanna do it because it takes time. FAW, and other Chinese automakers, think it is much easier to use some old platforms, change the headlights and start making money immediately.  Fine for tomorrow and next week but deadly in the long run…

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