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Spy Shots: New Hongqi L-Series Sedan

China's famous state limousine gets an update.

All New Hongqi HS5 SUV Exterior And Interior Unveiled In Official Images In China

The Hongqi HS5 official shots unveiled in China. This SUV will hit the market in Q1 2023.

Spy Shots: Hongqi H6 Sedan Is Almost Ready For The Chinese Car Market

A stylish new sedan with a 248 hp 2.0 turbo.

Hongqi H6 Is A New Executive Sedan For China

This is the Hongqi H6, a new executive sedan for the Chinese car market. The H6 has a wild and striking design. It is...

Hongqi E-QM5 Plus Electric Sedan Launched In China, Priced At 30,600 USD

The Hongqi E-QM5 Plus electric sedan was officially launched on August 17, priced at 207,800 RMB (30,600 USD). The new car is an upgraded...

Hongqi H5 Sedan Launched On The Chinese Car Market

The new Hongqi H5 sedan has been launched on the Chinese car market. The H5 is a compact executive car with lots of bling...

Hongqi N701 Is China’s New State Limousine

This is the Hongqi N701, China's new state limousine. The massive car debuted during the visit of President Xi Jinping to Hong Kong on...

Hongqi HM9 MPV In The Flesh In China

The best photos so far of the upcoming Hongqi HM9 MPV, previously known as the Hongqi Q8. Chinese car makers have an odd tendency...

Spy Shots: New Hongqi H5 Is Almost Ready For The Chinese Car Market

Spy shots showing the new Hongqi H5, a mid-size luxury sedan for the Chinese car market. There is just a little camouflage left, covering...