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ICE luxury. All-new Hongqi HS7 hit pre-sales in China with starting price of 36,500 USD

Hongqi HS7 is ready for the Chinese market with 252 horses, mild hybrid, AWD and a starting price of 36,500 USD. Highlander killer?

FAW’s Hongqi S9 sports car showed up at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy

The Hongqi S9 was rumored to be terminated. But it has suddenly shown up at the Italian event. However, it is still far from finished.

Hongqi E001 EV sedan with swappable battery and 800-km range spied in China

The Hongqi E001 has 619 hp, 800 km of range and a swappable battery. It will launch in China in November and later, it will enter Europe.

FAW’s Hogqi H5 received a B rating from China Consumer Research and Testing Center

The Hongqi H5 has barely made it to get the grade B from the CCRT. Where did it fail?

New Photos Of The Hongqi HS6 SUV For China

Seven seat family car is almost 5 meter long and packs 252 HP.

Hongqi HS3 Is A New Compact Luxury SUV For China

Compact, luxurious, and powerful with max 252 hp.

Hongqi HS6 Is A Big New 3-Row SUV For China

A big family SUV with 252 hp.

Hongqi QM7 Is A Luxurious 23-Seat Bus For China

Hongqi goes back into the bus business with the 303 hp QM7.

Spy Shots: New Hongqi L-Series Sedan

China's famous state limousine gets an update.

All New Hongqi HS5 SUV Exterior And Interior Unveiled In Official Images In China

The Hongqi HS5 official shots unveiled in China. This SUV will hit the market in Q1 2023.