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Zotye Langyue Listed & Priced (yet again)

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After a long delay the new Zotye Langyue has finally been listed on the Chinese market. No joka joka on copy copy, Zotye actually paid Fiat money to get the rights to make this piece of automobile misery. It never sold well in Europe and so it won’t in China. But Zotye tries and trying is good, it would only be better if they tried it with something designed by themselves.

Zotye didn’t change much on the Fiat Multipla’s design. This here is the second generation Multipla which lost all cool of the first generation en therefore even sold in lesser numbers.

Price of the new Zotye Langyue starts at 69.800 yuan and ends at 89.800 yuan. Only one engine available, an ancient Fiat 1.6 for which Zotye bought the rights as well. It comes with 76kw and 145nm.

The 1.6, Zotye sticked a new sticker on it. Product development, we call that in China.

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