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Supercarwedding in China, number 5 and the Best so Far

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Another Supercar Wedding in China and by far the most extreme we have seen until today. (see the others here, here, here and here). It happened in the great city of Huizhou in the very rich Guangdong province, famous for its electronics manufacturing that includes all from Samsung TV’s to Apple iPhones.

The happy couple drove their very own Bentley Continental Supersport, their friends came in, to name but a few: four Ferrari 458, three Lamborghini Gallardo, two Porsche Panerama including one souped up, a Nissan GTR, Maserati GT MC Stradale, Rolls Royce Ghost, Ferrari California and an Audi R8. Enjoy:

Plate indicates owner is from Hongkong, which is very near Huizhou.

Via: Mop.com.

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  1. Would be nice if some of those noveau riche would scale down their tastes and aim some of that wealth at China’s dirt poor. Just a dream maybe….

  2. Maybe the little brats who are stupid, weak, lazy, and dirt poor should get off their duffs and EARN noveau riche…Just like the rich did.

    Public School Runts…Geeezzzz.

  3. @dragin…*roll eyes*, yeah maybe they should just give away all their wealth. It`s worked SOOO good across the spectrum of human history. Bitchin cars though.


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