New electric car from China

Here we have a fantastic new electric car from China. It is simply, but brilliantly, called ‘three-wheel-electric-car’, because it has three wheels and is powered by an electric motor. That’s what it is, why bother with a fancy-pancy whatever-name? Face on the front seems kinda sad.

The three-wheel-electric-car debuted at the ‘Leisure and Culture Festival’, which we otherwise missed completely, in the great city of Yinchuan in remote Ningxia province. The three-wheel-electric-car is the brainchild of Mr. Sun Zhaowen, 72 years old and a Yinchuan native.

It does not look like a made-in-a-shed-thing, it seems genuinely engineered, making a door like that at the front of a vehicle ain’t easy, at all. It seems big enough to seat two, steering likely with the single wheel at the back. Unfortunately we don’t have any tech-specs on the ‘three-wheel-electric-car’ available, or any other details for that matter.

For now we wish Mr. Sun Zhaowen all the best with his invention, hope to hear more from it soon later.


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