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Chinese Model Gan Lulu hits the Nanning Auto Show with Big Headlights

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The Nanning International Auto Show in the great city of Nanning in Guizhou province is usually a very low key affair where locals can have a look at the latest Geely SUV. This year however, things are very different. The Nanning show is suddenly all over China’s automotive websites.

All thanks to One Woman; Chinese model/tv personality/B-movie star/singer Gan Lulu (干露露, NSFW), showing off her brand-new headlights in all their glory. She checked out an Aston Martin and walked over the show floor accompanied by bodyguards wearing big white helmets. What, indeed, a woman this is.

Thanks everybody for the tips!, you can stop spamming now, I got it…

Background information now, because I am a journalist. Gan Lulu was born on September 19, 1985 in the great city of Xinyang in Henan province. Her constellation is Scorpio. Blood type is AB. Height is 165cm. Weight is 43kg. She ‘studied’ at the Beijing Dance Academy and once did a photoshoot for Gucci. Bio via: Baidu.com. See here for some nice pics from Lulu dancing in a discotheque.

Gan Lulu doing a speech: “Thank you for inviting me at the Shanghai Auto Show, and… oh, what?”

Now, about the engine?

Gan Lulu has left the building, she is taking her new white-helmeted friends with her!

Goodbye Gan Lulu, see ya’ next year in Nanning.

Pics via: Tom.com and WLstock.com.

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  1. Very hot, definitely the hottest asian as of now crushing all competition. Perfect mix of east asian beauty and western sexy look.


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