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Naked Girls at the Toyota Dealer in China; sex Sells

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In august we brought you a sensational story about a Volkswagen dealer in Daqing who used naked girls to get car buyers interested. Today we have another one, a Toyota dealer in Shanghai who hired one very naked girl to sell some Camry’s. Not sure how many he sold but his building was packed with ‘journalist’ and ‘car buyers’ in no time. Girl seems very cool.

Well, let’s hope this becomes a trend. If it help to shift some otherwise too-boring-to-buy cars, why not?

Via: Xici.net.

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  1. Next it will be, buy a car and you can do anything you want with that girl for a day/two/week/month depending upon how much expensive the car is ….lol

  2. Geely Tiger, Well, its the managements decision.. for a Rolls/Ferrari or any other cars of that category they can take 2 girls for a certain period of time ranging from a day to a month πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. If you check the source, it looks like the website has been “harmonized”.

    You gotta wonder if this is what property managers are going to do because they can’t sell all the overpriced housing?

  4. it is the insult of women soceity. that girls on the photo is right in her position for some need, owner of the company doing anything for his pocket. please not not play this type of business in future.

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