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Bling! Ferrari 458 Italia wrapped in Silver in China

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Yesterday we published a story on a supercar-party in Zhuhai. One of the cars there was a silver-wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia with Beijing plates. We love bling and by accident or incident I found another two pics of a silver-wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia, without plates.

Ferrari 458 Italia wrapped in Silver

The pics were taken in Shanghai so I am not 100% sure it is the same car. If it is, well fine. If it is not, than this might be a trend… A trend we like? Yez for sure we do. Pics by a man who calls himself ‘Terence Leung, Amateur Auto Photographer’. Looking at his name he is likely a Hongkong-Chinese, they’all got those funny English-Cantonese names. See some more of his work here.

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